Corona Virus Carpet Cleaning & More

    Corona Virus Carpet Cleaning & More

    Is Corona Virus Carpet Cleaning Beneficial?

    We do get asked a lot in the past couple of months about corona virus and carpet cleaning services. As many of us in LA have been on lockdown for a couple of months, now that we are on the verge of going out to the world again, we want to make sure it is safe. Therefore, we get asked a lot whether carpet cleaning services are beneficial for corona virus? Well, the simple answer is yes.

    As some articles have shown that corona virus was transmitted by shoes in hospitals, corona virus carpet cleaning would be a great idea in your home, but more so, in your office. Between the disinfecting products that we carry and the hot steam, a professional carpet cleaning service should be able to help disinfecting your carpet. However, is corona virus carpet cleaning all that we need?

    More Than Just Carpet Cleaning For Corona Virus.

    As we keep close relationships with many carpet cleaning services across the country, we can really learn a lot. For example, about two weeks ago Texas has opened the state again. Therefore, we have consulted Fresh Air Duct Cleaning & Attic Cleaning Houston in order to get some information about the current situation and needs of customers. We really have learned that air duct cleaning and upholstery cleaning services were at high demand as well. So thankfully we are now better prepared to help local angelians with our carpet cleaning services.

    In addition, we learned that mattress cleaning is a vital service in these times. As we spent extra time at home, and many of us spent it asleep, mattress cleaning and disinfecting is a service at high demand. We are geared and prepared to help you with the different needs you have.

    For more information about our corona virus carpet cleaning services, please contact So Cal Carpet Cleaning.

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