Why our company is the best carpet cleaning option to choose?


Step 1 Getting Ready

Pre vacuuming the carpet and moving the necessary furniture off the carpet.

Step 2 Walk Through

We inspect the carpet for all trouble areas and specify the treatment necessary.

Step 3 Special Treatment

hen we apply the right green carpet cleaning products to the correct troubled areas on the carpet.

Step 4 Steam & Extract

This step concludes the previous effort by applying hot steam to the carpet, we break the stains as a result of the correct product used and heat, and as we go through the carpet we extract all the dirt up to the waste tank.

We Never Over Look Getting Ready Phase

Without the right preparation for the carpet we may miss some key points and factors on the carpet cleaning. In case you have certain stained areas covered or not so clear, it makes it harder for us to approach them correctly. Therefore, we prepare the carpet for the full carpet cleaning experience in order to achieve best results.

Why is the walk through necessary?

Our experience and knowledge have thought us that before treating stains in a generic fashion it is important to identify them. Different stains have various reactions to types of chemicals. Therefore, we perform a thorough check and inspection of your carpet to inform you about the upcoming steps and potential results.

What Is The Special Treatment?

Over the years we composed new compounds for carpet cleaning treatments. We have much experience in the right approach and the variety of steps needed on some of the stubborn stains. Therefore, this step is probably our key factor and added value to our customers by offering them the highest odds for the carpet cleaning success.

Isn't That The Part We're All Looking For?

Once we took care of the entire carpet with the right treatment, it is time to steam it out. Using our top notch equipment, from truck mount steam cleaning machines to portables, we come in hot. We will heat up the carpet and disinfect it from bacteria to leave your living environment cleaner and fresher.

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The best carpet cleaning company is one that goes the extra mile for you.

We have over 10 years of carpet cleaning experience, and we are a leading Los Angeles company in our field. we take our experience into your home by improving the quality of air and freshness around. In addition, we strive to always be ahead of the curve with our carpet cleaning products. Our goal is to ensure you get the best carpet cleaning experience that will leave an impression. Please learn more about our 4 step carpet cleaning system. Also, contact us for more information about why we are the best carpet cleaning options to choose.