So Cal Carpet Cleaning Uses Only Hot Steam Extraction

The only carpet cleaning method recommended by carpet cleaning manufacturers for residential carpet cleaning is hot steam extraction. Of course using the proper measures and carpet cleaning products is part of this system. Therefore, we offer high quality carpet cleaning solutions. We have truck mounted carpet cleaning machine and portable carpet cleaning machines in order to reach the toughest areas and location. Many of the carpet cleaning in Los Angeles demand portable machines due to high level floors and inaccessible buildings. Please inform us when scheduling your carpet cleaning job which one do you prefer, or which one you know would fit your situation. We automatically assume that all apartments will need a portable machine and therefore, we will show up with a portable machine to clean your home.


3 Factors To Determine The Quality of The Carpet Cleaning

So Cal Carpet cleaning is taking advantage of the 3 factors that determine the quality of the job. Carpet cleaning products, agitation and proper temperature. By applying the correct dose of each we are able to reach deeper into your carpet without hurting it in the long run. In addition, it is vital to know the right dosage and use when the carpet is more delicate. Shrinkage and discoloration may occur otherwise.

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So Cal Carpet Cleaning gives all our clients a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not
totally satisfied, we will re-clean your carpet, upholstery & air ducts free of charge. Please make sure to emphasize upon our arrival your past experience with your own home carpet cleaning. In case you know of any previous pet stains, food and drink stains or reappearing dark stains, it is extremely important for us to know that prior to our job. The more knowledge we have about the history of your carpet, the easier it makes it for us to approach it with the correct carpet cleaning solvents.


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